Faculty Member

Saumya Chakrabarti
Associate Professor

Economics and Politics



M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Contact Address:
Andrews Palli (West), Santiniketan, West Bengal, India, PIN-731235.


Phone numbers (mobile and/or landline):
Land-line Ph.: 91-0-3463-264716.
Cell No.: 91-9433179970.
Ph.(O): 91-0-3463-262751 – 6 (Ext. 405).
Fax(O): 91-0-3463-262672 / 261156.

Research areas:
Development Economics, Macroeconomics of Developing Countries, Economics of Labour & Informal Sector.

Teaching Experience:
• Teaching Assistant, Calcutta University, 1999-2000.
• Assistant Professor of Economics: St. Xavier’s College Calcutta, 2000-2004.
• Guest Faculty of Economics: St. Xavier’s College Calcutta, 2004-2007.
• Assistant Professor of Economics: Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan, 2004 – Continuing.

Awards and Honours:
• UGC (Govt. of India) Junior Research Fellowship. December 1997.
• UGC sponsored project: “formulating agriculture-industry interaction in an open-economy: questioning the orthodox discourse”. 2007 – 2008.
• SANEI (South Asia Network of Economic Research Institutes) project funded by the Global Development Network: “a study on transformation of Indian agriculture in the post Doha scenario and its macro economic impact”. 2008 – 2009. (Co-Principal Investigator: Aparajita Mukherjee).
• ICSSR (Govt. of India) Travel-Grant to present a paper in New School, New York City, USA.
• Brown International Advanced Research Institutes (BIARI) Participation Grant for: “Development and Inequality in the Global South”, Brown University, USA. June 2010.
• BIARI (Brown University, USA) Alumni Research Grant 2011 on “formal-informal conflicts and complementaries in resource-constrained developing economies: inclusive growth or marginalization?”.
• BIARI (Brown University, USA) Alumni Research Grant 2012 on “a comparative study of the methods and impacts of employment guarantee schemes across global south: inclusion or elite capture?”.
• Visiting Fellow at the UGC-DRS Centre (Calcutta University) March 2011.
• Referee for International Journal of Pluralism and Economics Education. October 2011.
• Referee for Journal of International Migration and Integration. November 2011.
• Awarded UGC-SAP-Project for the Deptt. of Economics and Politics, Visva-Bharati.

Representative Refereed Publication
• “Agriculture–industry linkage: the problems of effective demand and supply constraint”, in Review of Development and Change (RDC); Vol. VIII, No. 2; July - December 2003.
• “Rural non-farm economy: a note on the impact of crop-diversification and land-conversion in India” (co-authored by A. Kundu), in Economic and Political Weekly; Vol. XLIV, No 12; March 21, 2009 (Special Article).
• “Contradictions of ‘doing development’: a structuralist framework”, in American Review of Political Economy; Vol. 7, No. 1&2; June/December 2009.
• “Farm – non-farm linkage in India: a structuralist perspective” (co-authored by A. Kundu and A.K. Nandi), in Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics; Vol. 66, No. 2; April-June 2011.
• “A macroeconomic structure of employment: rural-urban conflict in a Kaleckian framework”, in Review of Radical Political Economics; Vol. 43, No. 2; June 2011.
• Peer-reviewed articles also published by Lancer’s Books(2001), Institute for Social and Economic Change(2005), Artha-Vijnana(2008), Journal of Economic Development(2009), Indian Journal of Labour Economics(2010), Asian Economic Review(India, 2010), Indian Economic Journal(2011), Review of Development and Change(2011) & invited articles published by the vernacular daily Sangbad Pratidin (49 weekly art., 2006-7), etc.

Representative Presentations and Discussions:
• “Agriculture – industry relations: home market, supply constraint and the concept of ‘domestic exports’”; International Conference, 20-22 December 2000; Delhi School of Economics, New Delhi.
• “Agriculture – informal sector linkages and the impacts of formal sector expansion”; India-China Institute and Economics Dept. Conference on “Development beyond Accumulation”, 2-3 November 2009; New School University, New York City.
• “Myth of ‘frictionless transition’ from traditional to modern economy: a structuralist framework for India”; DIME Workshop, 18-19 February 2011; Max Planck Inst. for Economics, Germany.
• “Uneven sectoral development: micro and macro level study of unorganised manufacturing in India”; 3 June 2011; Pontificia Universidad Catolica Argentina (UCA); Buenos Aires.
• Also presented/discussed in: [(CU, JU, BU, CSSSC, ISEC and NIPFP) India]; UNC, Australia etc.