Faculty Member

Swapan Raha


Areas of Specialisation

Fuzzy logic and approximate reasoning

Fuzzy Pattern recognition

Fuzzy Control



Date of Birth 1st May 1960
Year Degree College/University
1983 B.Sc. Calcutta University
1985 M.Sc. Calcutta University
1987 M.Tech Calcutta University
2000 Ph.D. Indian Statistical Institute
Teaching Experience
14 years in Visva-Bharati
JNBA visiting Fellowship award 1993 - 1994
SBRC visiting Fellowship award 1995 - 1996
Other Academic Distinction
S.Raha, K.S.Ray, 'A. Critical Appreciation On Fuzzy Logic Controller Design', Part II" BUSEFAL Vol. 45, 1991, pp. 146-155.
S Raha, K.S.Ray, 'A New Model For Default Reasoning', BUSEFAL, Vol. No. 49, 1992, pp. 33-39
S Raha, K.S.Ray, 'Approximate Reasoning Using Truth-Qualified Vague Predicates', Tech. Report, INSA-Visiting Fellowship, 1993-1994, No. BS/VF /2/482.
S Raha, K.S,Ray, 'Similarity Based Fuzzy Control', Tech. Report, SERC-visiting fellowship , 1995-1996, no. SR/VS/040/95
S Raha, S. Hossain: 'Fuzzy set in default reasoning', Advances In Soft-Computing eds. N.R.Pal And M.Sugeno, Springer Verlag, Lecture Notes in .Artificial Intelligence, LNAI 2275, pp. 27-33.
S Raha, A. Hossain: 'Stochastic automata for dynamical systems', communicated to IEEE trans on SMC. Part-B, 2002.
Any Other Information
I was selected as an Organising Co-ordinator for the bi-anual International Conference in Fuzzy systems AFSS2002 by Asian Fuzzy Systems Society, held at Science City, Kolkata during February 03-06, 2002
I was selected to act as a Convener for the two-day National Seminar on 'Recent trends in Mathematics and its Application' held at Visva-Bharati , Santiniketan during February 25-26, 2002