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Notification dated April 19, 2013
Press Release dated February 20, 2013
Press Release dated January 10, 2013
Notification dated January 12, 2013

Office Order : Memo No. Est/E-I/AOH&IC/2014-15/24 dated 23.01.2015
Office Order : No. Est/E-I/AOP&VP/2014-2015 dated 22.01.2015
Office Order : No. Est./E-I/Confirm/2014-15 dated 20.01.2015
Office Order : No. Estab/E-III/O.2 dated 20.01.2015
Notification : Memo No. Estab/E-I/Visiting Faculty/2014-15 dated 03.01.2015
Office Order : No. REG/Meet.2015/001 dated 22.01.2015
Notice : Admission Criteria [Ref. No. Aca-S/16.21/002/2015-2016 dated 19.01.2015
Notice : No. Aca./R-6.3/1030/2014/15 dated 20.01.2015
Notice : No. Aca./R-6.3/1031/2014/155 dated 20.01.2015
Notice : No. Aca./R-6.3/1029/2014/15 dated 20.01.2015
Notice : No. Aca./R-6.3/1025/2014/15 dated 19.01.2015
Notice : No. Aca./R-6.3/1003/2014/15 dated 19.01.2015
Notice : No. Aca./R-6.3/998/2014/15 dated 15.01.2015
Notice : No. Aca./R-6.3/989/2014/15 dated 13.01.2015
Notice : No. Aca./R-6.3/988/2014/15 dated 13.01.2015
Notice : No. Aca./R-6.3/987/2014/15 dated 13.01.2015
Notice : No. Aca./R-6.3/986/2014/15 dated 13.01.2015
Notice : No. Aca./R-6.3/985/2014/15 dated 13.01.2015
Notice : No. Aca./R-6.3/984/2014/15 dated 13.01.2015
Notice : No. Aca./R-6.3/981/2014/15 dated 13.01.2015
Notice : No. Aca./R-6.3/978/2014/15 dated 12.01.2015
Notice : No. Aca./R-6.3/977/2014/15 dated 12.01.2015
Notice : No. Aca./R-6.3/976/2014/15 dated 12.01.2015
Notice : No. Aca./R-6.3/975/2014/15 dated 12.01.2015
Notice : No. Aca./R-6.3/974/2014/15 dated 12.01.2015
Notice : No. Aca./R-6.3/973/2014/15 dated 12.01.2015
Office Order : No. Estab/E-III/O.2 dated 20.01.2015
Office Order : Memo No. Est./E-I/CAS/2014-15 dated 13.01.2015
Office Order : Memo No. Est./E-I/Confirm/2014-15 dated 20.01.2015
Notice : No. Estab./E-III/P-38 dated 19.01.2015
Notification : Corrigendum to the NoticeNo. Dir/PSNS/SAC/20/14-15/147 dated 17.01.2015[Dir/PSNS/SAC/20/13-14/149 dt. 20.01.15]
Notification : REf. No. Dir/PSNS/SAC/20/14-15/147 dated 17.01.2015
Office Order : Memo No. Est./E-1/Inc./2014-15 dated 10.01.2015
Office Order : Memo No. Est./E-I/AOH&IC/2014-15- dated 10.01.2015
Office Order : Memo No. Est./E-I/CAS/2014-15 dated 10.01.2015
Office Order : Memo No. Estab/E-III/Past Service/ACE-1333 dated 08.01.2015
O M : No. S.14025/2/2008 dated 20.02.2008
Notice : IMPORTANT "Notice for NPS Subcribers"
Notification : Committee for GIAN
Notice : PM National Relief Fund Contribution Acknowledgement & Receipts
Notification : Honorarium & Transport Allowance
Notice : HOW TO OBTAIN INFORMATION as per provisions of RTI
Notification : Associate NCC Officer (SW) from Female Faculty Members
Office Order : Extension of the tenure of Principal, PSB
Office Order : Extension of Sri S Sarkar as Guest Teacher
Office Order : Confirmation of Service of Ms. Sudipta Sarkar, Assistant Professor
Office Order : Promotion of Dr. Anindita Saha under CAS
Office Order : Extend the Tenure of Engangement of Dr. Manotosh Mondal
Office Order : Extend the Tenure of Engangement of Sri Ashok Vardhan Ojha & Sri Prosenjit Chakrabortty
Supplementary Examination (Semester/Annual) of the University
Office Order : Confirmation of Service of Shri Sitaram Das, Assistant Professor
Office Order : Confirmation of Service of Shri Sourav Rana, Assistant Professor
CORRIGENDUM : No. Est./E-I/CAS/2015-2015 dated 05.01.2015
Notification : Chief Information Security Officer
Office Order : Rs. 50,000.00 Allocated to Each Academic Departments
Office Order : TA to The Nearest CGHS / Visva-Bharati Empanelled Hospital
Notification : Ref. No. Exam./8.7/2014-15 dated 30.12.2014
Notification : Committee for Developments of Sports Infrastructure & Equipment during XII Plan
Office Order : Confirm the Service of Shri Sudipta Das
Notification : Admission of Internal Students
Notification : Appointment of S K Majee
Notification : PBAS Proforma for Promotion Under CAS
Notification : IQAC
Office Order : Economy in Use of Paper
Notice : "Employability Skills"
Office Order : Company Comder, NCC, Visva-Bharati
Notification : Evaluation of Bengali Answer Scripts at UG & PG Levels
Notice : ICCR : Empanelment for ICCR'S Chairs Abroad
Notice : "Good Governance Day"
Office Order : Regarding Absentee Statement of Employees
Office Order : Hand Over / Take Over charge of Computer Centre
Office Order : Acceptance of Resignation Tendered by Smt Manidipa Kar [No. EST/E-III/ANE-1364 dt. 12.12.2014]
Notice regarding Form Fill-Up & Examination Schedule
Office Order : No. Estab/DR/O.O./18 dated 11.12.2014
Office Order : No. Estab/DR/O.O./17 dated 11.12.2014
Office Order : No. Estab/DR/O.O./16 dated 11.12.2014
Office Order : No. Estab/DR/O.O./15 dated 11.12.20145
Office Order : List of Holidays for the Calendar year 2015
ANNEXURE - I (List of Holydays for the Calendar year 2015)
Office Order : Fixed Medical Allowance for Pensioners / Family Pensioners
Notification : Committee for Monitoring the Work Progress Prior to Forthcoming of NACC
Office Order : Dy. Registrar (Estate) Act as Chief Security Officer
Notification : Constitute a Committee for "Visitor's Awards for Central Univerties .."
Notification : Engagement of Non-Academy Staff in Any Examination
Notification : TA/DA Hospitality Expense of the External Examinor/Moderator
Notification : Modified Examination Review System
Programe of Examination : B.A./ M.A. (English) Bhasha-Bhavana
Office Order : Provision for Transgender Community
Notification : Nomination of CPIO & PIO
Notice : "Name of Counsellors in the University Website" [Ref. No. Dir/PSNS/PAC/14-15/ dted 22.11.2014]
Office Order : Ref. No. Estab./E-III/Pharmacist dted 21.11.2014
Notification : No. Est/DR/O.O/08 dted 21.11.2014
Notification : No. Est/DR/O.O/07 dted 21.11.2014
Notification : No. Est/DR/O.O/06 dted 20.11.2014
Notification : No. Est/DR/O.O/05 dted 20.11.2014
Notice : Ref. No. DSW/SAF/112/2014-15 dted 17.11.2014
Notice : CORRIGENDUM to the Notice No. DIR/PSNS/SAC/20/2014-15/99 dted 15.11.2014
Notification : Ref. No. DIR/PSNS/SAC/20/2014-15/99 dted 15.11.2014
Notification : No. Reg/Notifi/156 dted 21.11.2014
Office Order : No. Est/DR/O.O/788 dted 20.11.2014
Notification : "Chief Information Security Officer" [No. Reg/Notifi/156 dated 18.11.2014]
Notification : No. Reg/Notifi/156 dted 17.11.2014
Office Order : No. Estab/DR/OO/1 dated 15.11.2014
Office Order : "Admission Coordination Cell 2015"
Office Order : No. Estab/DR/OO/2 dated 11.11.2014
Notice: Online "LTC Forms w.r.t. Advance/ LTC Bill / LTC Certificate" (No. EST/E-22/2014 dated 14.11.2014)
Download L.T.C. Forms :    LTC Applications Form   ||   LTC Concession Bill   ||   LTC Certtificates

Notice: "Innovation Scholars In-Residence Programme at Rashtrapati Bhavana"
Notice: "The Provision of Self Certification" [ No. REG/156 dated 08.11.2014]
Notification :Expenditure Management - Economy Measures & Rationalisation of Expenditure [No. Reg/Notify/156 dt. 03.11.2014]
Office Order for Research Scholars [Memo No. Reg/OO/89 dated 03.11.2014]
Notification : No. Reg/Notifi/156 dated 14.10.2014
Notification : Sardar Patel's birth anniversary-2014
Notification : No. Dir/PSNS/09/Notice/14-15/88 29.10.2014
Notification : No. Reg/Notifi/156 dated 30.09.2014 (Revised)
"An Appeal By The Students of Visva-Bharati"
Notificatin : No. REG/Notifi/156 dated 27.09.2014
Notice : No. RB/VBN/ dated 25.09.2014
Office Memorendum : MHRD, "Swachh Bharat Mission" dated 26.09.2014
Notification : 'Swachcha Bharat Abhiyan' No. Reg/Nfotifi/156 dated 25.09.2014
Consortium for Educational Communication under UGC dated 28.07.2014
Notification : No. Reg/Notifi/156 dated 23.09.2014
Office Order : No. REG/O-O/89 dated 23.09.2014
Notificatin : No. Reg/Notifi/156 dated 22.09.2014
Cancellation of Selection Committee Meeting
Order : No. REG/O-O/89 dated 22.09.2014
Office Order: No. REG/O-O/89 dated 22.09.2014
Notice : No. REG/Notifi/156 dated 22.09.2014
Notification : No. REG/Notifi/156 dated 19.09.2014
Notification : No. DSW/14-15/95 dated 20.09.2014
Notice : Prostponed of Selection Committee
Notice : Desikottama to Prof Tan Chung [ No. Exam./24.1(3)/2014-15 dated 19.09.2014
Notice : UGC Introduced CPEPA [No. F.2-2/2013 (PE)/Policy (CPEPA) dated 19.08.2014]
Office Order : Sr. List of 'Qualified Group-D' Employee [No. Estab/E-III/P-56 dated 13.09.2014
Circular : Scholarship Scheme for the Students with Disabilities
Office Order : Massive Open Online Courses
Notification : Constitution of "Gender Sensitization Cell" at Sangit Bhavana
Notification : Student Grievance Redressal Committee
Notification : (Modification) No. REG/Notification/156 daed 13.09.2014 (
Notification : No. Dir/PSNS/Ins/45/14-15/19 daed 13.09.2014
Notification : Functions and Festivals Committee
Notification : No. G/A.29.1/1681 daed 08.09.2014
Office Order : No. REG/Notification/156 daed 08.09.2014
Notification : No. G/A.29.1/1681 daed 08.09.2014
Office Order : No. Admin/G/Vigl/001/673 daed 04.09.2014
Notificaton : Free Workshop on Meditation and Yoga [No. Dir/PSNS/SAC/20/14-15 dated 02.09.2014]
Notificaton : Center for Women Studies [No. Reg./Notif./156 dated 03.09.2014]
Circular : XII Plan General Development Assistance
Noticification : Intra Bhavana "Gender Sensitization Cell"
Notification : No. Reg./Notif./156 dated 02.09.2014
Notice for Vidyarthi Mediclaim : No. Dir/PSNS/Ins/45/14-14/II dated 28.08.2014
Need Based Scholarship for UG & PG Femele Students
Notification : No. REG/Notification/156 dated 19.07.2014
Notification : No. Admn./G/H.15/326 dated 18.07.2014
Need Based Financial Assistance to Female Students
Notification : 7 Days Free Workshop on Meditation & Yoga
Notification : No. Admn./G/N-5/173 dated 06.06.2014
Mega Job Fair : No. Dir/PSNS/SAC/20/14-15 dt. 12.05.14
Office Order : No. Estab/E-III/S.2 dated 16.05.2014
VBCAT 2014 Last date of Submission Application Forms Extended upto 4th May
Office Order : No. VB/SCT/2014/Stu.Hostel.Accem/119 dated 24.04.2014
Office Order : Memo No. VB/SCT/2014/Stu.Adsn./118 dated 24.04.2014
Office Order : Memo No. Aca/S-19.2/35/2014-15 dated 21.04.2014
Provisional Seniority List of Junior Office Assistant and its equivalent employees
Provisional Seniority List of Office Assistant and its equivalent employees
Pay Fixation Committee
Granthana Vibhaga - Single Window Publishing House
Pensionary benefits on humanitarian ground
Pensionary benefits and funding of AERC
Availability of Battery Operated Car
Honorarium of Principal and Head
Hiring of Lipika and Natyaghar
VBCAT-2014 and Summer Vacation
Revised Sitting Fee for External Members

Office Order : BOS at Rabindra-Bhavana
Notification : [Ref No. Dir/PSNS/NSS/03/13-14/07 dated 03.03.2014]
Notification : Mandatory Assessment & Accrediatation of the Educational Institutions
Office Order : Provisional Seniority list of Professional Assistant
Notification : Admission Co-ordinating Cell for VBCAT-2014
Notification : Regarding Service Tax for Educational Institutions
Notification : Employability Training Programme
National Science Day Celebration by Siksha-Bhavana
Notification Relating Re-Constitute of Advisory Committee for Rabindra Sangit
Office Order : Provisional Seniority List of Assistant Librarian
CSIR-Eminent Scientists/Technologists
Fukuoka Prize
CSIR Distinguished Scientist
Notification relating to ISERC [Ref. No. G/K10/2013-14 dated 10/02/2014]
Notification for VB Employees' Group Medical Insurance Scheme
Notification [Ref. No. Dir/PSNS/SAC/20-/13-14/169 dated 03.02.2014]
Notification [Ref. No. G/K.10/I-3/2013-2014 dated 21.01.2014]
Notification regarding Santiniketan Trust || Trust Exemption Certificate
Office Order [Memo No. Dev.27(A)/273/2013-2014 dated 23.01.2014]
Notification [Memo No. 1436 dated 11.01.2014]
Notification [No. REG/Notice/156 dated 10.01.2014]
Notification [No. DSW/Notif/127/13-14 dated 09.01.2014]
Notification [No. REG/Notice/156 dated 07.01.2014]
Notification [No. REG/Budget/40 dated 04.01.2014]
Notification [No. REG/Notify/156 dated 04.01.2014]
Office Order [No. REG/Office Orders//89 dated 04.01.2014]
Office Order [No. G/K.10/II-43/2013-2014 dated 03.01.2014]
Office Order [No. G/K.10/II-7/2013-2014 dated 31.12.2013]
Notification : [No. G/OLC-3 dated 20.12.2013]
Siksha-Bhavana : Notice [Ref. No. SB-30/2013-2014 dt 09.01.2014]
Siksha-Bhavana : Distribution of the Certificates for B.Sc./M.Sc./Ph.D. Degree
Patha-Bhavana Time Table w.e.f. 10.01.2014
Office Order [No. G/K.10/II-59/2013-2014 dated 28.12.2013]
Office Order [No. G/K.10/II-77/2013-2014 dated 28.12.2013]
Office Order [No. G/K.10/II-82/2013-2014 dated 28.12.2013]
Office Order [No. G/K.10/II-9/2013-2014 dated 28.12.2013]
Office Order [No. G/K.10/II-76/2013-2014 dated 28.12.2013]
Office Order [No. G/K.10/II-8/2013-2014 dated 28.12.2013]
Office Order [No. G/K.10/II-56/2013-2014 dated 28.12.2013]
Office Order [No. G/K.10/II-79/2013-2014 dated 28.12.2013]
Office Order [No. G/K.10/II-57/2013-2014 dated 28.12.2013]
Office Order [No. G/K.10/II-81/2013-2014 dated 28.12.2013]
Office Order [No. G/K.10/II-4/2013-2014 dated 28.12.2013]
Office Order [No. G/K.10/II-89/2013-2014 dated 28.12.2013]
Office Order [No. G/K.10/II-26/2013-2014 dated 28.12.2013]
List of Holidays and Vacations of the University, 2014
Status of Utilization in respect of XII Plan General Development Assistance
Notification: Ph.D. Ordinance Review Committee [No. Aca/R-6.7/1277/2013-14 dt. 031213]
Circular : Annual Convocaion 2013 [No. REG/Con./95 dated 02.12.2013]
Notification : Hospital Management Committee [No. G/K.10(Meeting) dated 02.12.2013]
Notification : Re-Constitute IQAC [No. G/K.10(Meeting) dated 02.12.2013]
Notification : [No. REG/Con./95 dated 02.12.2013]
Notification : [No. G/K.10(Meeting) dated 28.11.2013]
Notification : [Requisition for Booking of Lipika Auditorium]
Notification : [No. Reg/Notify./156 dated 18.11.2013]
Office Order [Memo No. REG/Office Order/89 dated 16.11.2013]
Notification [Memo No. Reg/Dft. Comtt./74 dated 16.11.2013]
Employee ID Card distribution Circular
Attention - Visit of Paridarsaka on 11/10/2013
Urgent & Important Office Order [No. Admn./G/H.6/1047 dated 05.10.2013
Attention - Visit of Paridarsaka on 11/10/2013
Notification : Visit of Hon'ble President of India
Notification : Issue of Sticker for Personal Vehicles
Notification : Proposal Towards Purchase as per GRF-2005 [No. Reg/Notice dt. 04.10.2013]
Notification : Contact Numbers of P.M.Hospital [No. Reg/Notice dt. 04.10.2013]
Notification : 'Remuneration of Extra Works' [No. Reg/Notice dt. 03.10.2013]
Notification : In Respect of XII Plan [No. Dev./XII Plan/215/2013-2014 dt. 01.10.2013]
Seniority List of 'Qualified Group D' Employees No. Estab/E-III/P-56 dt. 01.10.2013
Notification : Memo No. REG/Dif.Comt/74 dated 27.09.2013
Notification : No. Aca/S-19.2/1051/2013-2014 dated 13.09.2013
Notification : Memo No. Reg./Misc. dated 27.09.2013
Confirmation list of Non-Teaching employees : No. Estab/E-III/E-2 dated 27.09.2013
Seniority List of Chief Matron & Warden, No. Estab/E-III/P-56 dated 24.09.2013
Office Order regarding Re-employment [Memo No.Reg/A.Q/109 dt.23/09/2013]
Distinguished Lecture Series [Memo No.Reg./Misc./ dt.19/09/2013]
Seniority List of 'Metron' : Estab/E-III/P-56 dated 19.09.2013
Rajbhasha Section: Special Information
Applicationn-cum-Registration form for ICSSR
Notification: Memo No. P & S/682/2013-14 dated 29.08.2013
Notice: Introduction of new Staff Identity Card for all permanent employees
Notice: Schedule of Skill Developmrnt Training Programme for Casual Workers
Notice: Prof. Soumya Chakravarti has been appointed as Scholar-in-Residence of the University
Notice: Guidelines for revision of pension/family pension of pre-2006 pensioners
Notice: Postponement of Selection Committee Meeting of 01/08/2013
Notice: Vidyarthi Group Mediclaim For Students/Scholars
Application form for Vidyarthi Group Mediclaim For Students/Scholars
Notice: Ministry of Human Resource Development, F.No.15-1/2012-IFD dated 06.08.2012
Sri Rajiv Khalkho will act as Liaison Officer for implementation of Medical Insurance Scheme for Students
Watch & Ward Section: Notice regarding Information on Helping Hands/Caretakers for LHP Holders
Recruitment: Advertisement for the post of Vice-Chancellor, NSOU
Urgent Notice: H.E.Governor's vist to Visva-Bharati on 28/06/2013
Notification: Medical Insurence Scheme for Students [No. Admin/G/N.5 dated 22.06.2013]
Notice: Rabindra-Bhavana [Ref No. RB:OG:115 dated 20.06.2013]
Notification: Medical Insurence Scheme for all students [No. Admin/G/N.5 dated 19.06.2013]
Tariff of Ratan-Kuthi and Purba-Palli Guest House [VB/PR/GH-5/16/2013 dt. 31/05/13]
Patha-Bhavana: Notice for availing Day-Boarding facility
List of Holidays in Visva-Bharati for the year 2013 [Ref.No.Admn./G/H.6/361 dt. 17/05/2013]
Office Order regarding Dead/Fallen Tree [Memo No.REG/MISC. dt.17/05/2013]
Notification: Memo No. ACC/212/2013-2014 dated 10.05.2013
VB Publishing Department : Special Book-Fair at Rabindra-Bhavana, Santiniketan, 9-14 May 2013
Notification dated April 19, 2013 [Memo No. REG/Misc./110]
VB Publishing Department : List of books (50% discount) at the Special Book-Bazar, 5-13 April 2013
Dept. of Hindi: Notice of BoS on 08/04/2013
Notice: Contractual payment of bills
[AS/N-14/10 dt 01/04/2013]

Notice: Survey / measurement of all University quarters
Notification : AS/B-2/2963 dated 22.03.2013
Notification : AS/N-14/2962 dated 22.03.2013
Basontasav-2013 : Press Release dated March 13, 2013
UGC Notice [F.1-27/2009(SCT) dated 01/03/2013]
Notice inviting applications for quarters
N O T I C E regarding Selection Committee Meeting
Notice inviting applications for quarters
[Memo no: Estate.QT-3/578/12-13 dated 10/01/2013]

Controller of Examinations: Notice to Ph.D. awardees seeking Minimum Standard Certificates
[Ref.No. Exam.Ph.D/2012-13 dated 12/01/2013]

Notification regarding Reconstitution of Heritage Committee
[Ref. No. REG/U/W/H-15 dated 03/01/2013]

Examination URGENT
[Ref. No. Exam./Ex.8.42/2012-13 dated 04.10.2012]

Reimbursement of Medical Expenses New System of Payment
[Ref. No. VB/Actt./2012/ dated 18.08.2012]

Council of Selected Vice-Chancellors of Central Universities
[Ref. No. Admn./G/N-5/887/12-13 dated 07.08.2012]

List of Holydays & Vacations for the Academic Session 2012-2013
[Ref. No. Admn./G/H.6/662 dated 03.08.2012]

Guest House Booking [Memo No.Admn./G/G.27/585 dated 21/07/2012]
Corrigendum of Memo No.Admn./G/N.5/283 dated 28/05/2012 of Entry Pass
for Car and Two-wheelers [Memo No.Admn./G/N.5/367 dated 12/06/2012]

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