Visva-Bharati,  Santiniketan

Tender Notices

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Tender Notice : No. Math/DST-Proj./2014 dated 18.12.2014 (Last 27.12.2014

Tender Notice : No. Dev./XIII Plan/125/2014-2015 dated 16.12.2014 (Last 27.12.2014

Tender Notice : No. PH/3/2014-15/2 (Last 26.12.2014

Tender Notice : No. PH/3/2014-15/1 (Last 26.12.2014)

Re-tender for Supply of Foreign and Indian Journals at Visva-Bharati, last date 15/12/2014

No. 2014-15/13 dated 04.12.2014 (Last date 18.12.2014)

Ref. No. ID Card Project/Quotation/01/2014-15 dated 01.12.2014 (Last date 14.12.2014)

No. VB.DBT/TC/KSHV-DBT/2014/06 dated 22.11.2014 (Last date 12.12.2014)

No. VB.DBT/TC/KSHV-DBT/2014/06 dated 22.11.2014 (Last date 12.12.2014)

No. P&S/Annual Report/02/2014-2015 dated 14.11.2014 (Last date 02.12.2014)

Enquiry No. DST/ABN/Physics/2014-2015/Mirror dated 07.11.2014 (Last date 22.11.2014)

No. CL/510/2014-15/(19) dated 13.11.2014 (Revised Tender for Physical Verification of Library Books & Bound Journals) [Last date 01.12.2014]

No. CL/503/2014-15/(19) dated 03.11.2014 (Last date 24.11.2014)

Ref. No. BT/VB/2014-15/175 Dept. of Biotechnology

NO. Sgt.8/Quotation/2014-15/217 dt. 30.09.14 (10.11.14)

NO. Sgt.8/Quotation/2014-15/218 dt. 30.09.14 (10.11.14)

NO. Sgt.8/Quotation/2014-15/216 dt. 30.09.14 (10.11.14)

NO. CH-19/2014-15/Chem-I Dept. of Chemistry

CORRIGENDUM Rererence : RB:OG:XII/AT/LT/Ext - 339 / 30.09.2014

Tender Notice : No. RB/OG/XII/AT/LT/Ext - 339 dated 21.09.2014

Tender Notice : No. DSW/NIT/81/2014-15 dated 11.10.2014

Tender Notice : No. RB/OG/XII/AT/LT/Ext - 338 dated 21.09.2014

Tender Notice : No. BT/VB/2014-15/175 dated 27.09.2014

Tender Notice : No. CSIR/AH/instr/2 dated 22.09.2014 (Department of Chemistry)

Tender Notice : No. CL/425/2014-15(52) dated 20.09.2014

Tender Notice : No. CL/410/2014-15(6A) dated 16.09.2014

Last Date of Teber Extended

Tender Notice : No. 01/Int. Sci/2014-2015 dated 09.09.2014 (ISERC)

Tender Notice : No. P&S/L-1/Quotation/04/2014-2015 dated 06.09.2014

Tender Notice : No. P&S/L-1/Quotation/03/2014-2015 dated 06.09.2014

Tender Notice : No. 2014-15/09 dated 05.09.2014 [Engineering Department]

CORRIGENDUM : No. CSIR/ND/EquipmentLIQ/2014-15 dated 16.08.2014

Tender Notice : No. 2014-15/08 dated 22.08.2014

Tender Notice : No. CSIR/ND/EquipmentLIQ/2014-15 dated 16.08.2014

Tender Notice : No. G/K-10/2014-15 dated 07.08.2014

Department of Biotechnology : Ref. No. BT/VB/2014-15/163 dated 02.08.2014

Engineering Department : Memo No. 2014-15/05 dated 28.07.2014

Central Library : Memo No. CL/321/2014-15(6A) dated 25.07.2014

Tender Notice No. P&S/L-1/Quuotation/01/2014-2015 dated 05.07.2014

Tender Notice No. P&S/L-1/Quuotation/02/2014-2015 dated 05.07.2014


[Engineering Department : CORRIGENDUM [ No. Engg./2357/2013-14 dated 31.03.2014 (Ref: NIT No. 2013-14/11 dt. 28.03.14)]

[Engineering Department : [ No. 2013-14/11 dated 28.03.2014]

[Estate Office : [ No. Estate/126/709/13-14 dated 21.03.2014]

[Central Library : [Extention Last Date of Submission) No. CL/2277/2013-14/(53G) dated 22.03.2014]

[Rabindra-Bhavana : No. RB/OG/XII/AT/243 dated 22.03.2014]

[Department of Chemistry: CCD based Single Crystal X-ray diffractometer System.(LastDate:10/04/14)]

[Central Library : CL/2238/2013-14/(15/77H) dated 12.03.2014]

[Kala-Bhavana : KB/F-2.12.(5)-2013-862]

[Rabindra-Bhavana : LCD Projector]

[Central Library : Carrel Workstations & Revolving Chairs]

[Department of Zoology (DBT Project) : Microplate ELISA Reader]

[Rabindra-Bhavana : Desktop Computers, UPS & Printers]

[P.M. Hospital : Tender for Outsourcing Sweeping]
[Central Library: Tender for Photocopy, Printing, Spiral Binding etc.]
[Department of Zoology: Tender for ELISA Reader]
[Department of Geography: Tender for water cooler]
[Kala Bhavana: Tender for Sculpture Department Publication]
[Dept. of Physics: Tender for Desktop Computers and Swappable Hard Drives]
[Kala Bhavana : Quotation from offset printers for the production of a book]
[Santiniketan Press : Tender Notice No. SNP/XII Plan/Purchase/2013-14 dated 03/02/2014]
[Engineering Department : Tender Notice No. 2013-14/10 dated 31/01/2014]
[Dept. of Physics: Tender for Laptop and UPS]
[Central Library : Tender for Barcode Printers and Barcode Scanners]
[Department of Zoology : Tender for procurement of Upright Trinocular Fluorescence research microscope]
[Department of Zoology : Tender for UV-Visible Spectrophotometer]
Kala-Bhavana : [Tender Notice No. VB(Web)/KB/F.61.18(Hostel)/2013-14/708 dated 12.01.2014]
[Publishing Department : Tender for Construction of temporary book stall at Kolkata Book-fair 2014]
[Engineering Department : Tender Notice No. 2013-14/09 dated 06/01/2014]
[Rabindra Bhavana: Tender for Stationery/Sanitary/General Items]  ||   [Extension of Date]
Central Library : [Tender Notice No. CL/997/2013-14(85A) dated 03.01.2014]
Central Library : [Tender Notice No. CL/994/2013-14(15/77G) dated 31.12.2013]
Department of Zoology : [Tender Notice No. VB/Web/ICAR/WQ-3021(3) dated 03.01.2014]
Central Library : [Tender Notice No. CL/954/2013-14(15/77G) dated 21.12.2013]
Central Library : [Tender Notice No. CL/ /2013-14(GNET/77G) dated 21.12.20113]
Department of Geography : [Tender Notice No. Geography/Laptop/Tender/unit-11 dated 27.12.2013]
Rabindra Bhavana : [Tender Notice No. RB/OG/P-10 dated 26.12.2013]
Rabindra Bhavana : [Tender Notice No. RB/OG/P-10/159 dated 26.12.2013]
Engineering Department : [Tender Notice No. 2013-14/08 dated 20.12.2013]
[Dept. of Chemistry: Tender for A Single crystal X-ray diffractometer system]  ||   [Extension of Date]
[Examination Section: Revised Tender notice for computer hardware items]
[Integrated Science (ISERC): Tender Notice regarding Desktop Computer & UPS]
[Integrated Science (ISERC): Tender Notice regarding LCD Projector]
[Dept. of Chemistry: Tender Notice regarding CHN Analyser]
[Dept. of Chemistry: Tender for CHN Analyser]
[Physics Department : Tender for Desktop Computer and Microsoft Office 2010]
[Publishing Department : Tender for Computer, Printer, Scanner, LCD Projector, Air Conditioner etc.]
Physics Department [No. Ph-3/2013-14/Spectrometer dated 09.11.2013]
Central Library [Memo No. CL/ 801 /2013-14(15/77G) dated 07.11.2013]
[Corrigendum (Ref. Advt. G/W.6/982 dt. 27.9.13 & Corrig No. G/W.6/1059 dt. 22.10.13) 29.10.2013 ]
[Corrigendum to Tender Notice No. G/W.6/ 982 Dated 27.09.2013 ]
[Tender Notice for Security : No. G/W.6/ 982 Dated 27.09.2013 ]
[Central Library: Tender for Furniture Items (revised on 7/11/2013)]
[Department of Zoology: Corrigendum - Tender for Bench Top Flowcytometer]
[Department of Zoology: Automated Cell Viability Analyser and counter]
[Department of Physics: Tender for Acoustic False Ceiling & Partition made of aluminium channel and glass]
[Department of Zoology: Tender for Bench Top Flowcytometer]
[Tender Notice: No. DST/ABN/Physics/2013-14/DSO dated 31.10.2013]
[Tender Notice: No. DST/ABN/Physics/2013-14/Laser dated 31.10.2013]
[Central Library: Tender for Braille items]
[ISERC: Tender for Microwave Oven, Transilluminator, Shaker Incubator & Autoclave]
[ISERC: Tender for Pipettes, Pip. Controller, Refrigerated thermal block-cum-mixer etc.]
[ISERC: Tender for PCR Machine & Electrophoresis System]

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